Vinny Testaverde Signs with New York Jets (Humor)


Published: April 21, 2009


... put the blame on Mangini boast about getting the NFL yardage leader.

Unfortunately I started to feel like I was making fun of a crippled guy because he can't bend over and tie his shoes.

(BTW, any "politically correct" people about to call me out for saying crippled, not hand-capable or whatever, please look up Spinal Cerubellar Ataxia then die of shame.)

Sorry back to laughing at misery.  Where was I?

Oh yeah.  Thanks.

Anyway, I felt bad about picking on the quarterback challenged Jets.*

Oh, I'm an a$$&ole Patriot fan, BTW.

I did not feel bad enough to not write anything, of course.  I mean I am an a$$&ole Patriot fan.

Unfortunately for Jet fans, the humor writer has nothing to add except he feels sorry for you.

* Is "quarterback challenged" PC enough?

Note for editors:  How many people even know what "PC" stands for?   I know the "manual" thinks NFL fans never use the two syll...

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