Just How Far Would You Go?

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Published: January 5, 2018


When you think of sports fans, especially NFL fans, you know they will go quite the mile to support their team. Heck, take a look at how many fans sit out in the freezing cold temperatures just to watch their favorite star quarterback throw the winning touchdown pass. It is no surprise that many people will go above and beyond to show their spirit and dress up or down for the local games. However, when is too far, too far?

If you have ever wondered just how far you would go to support your favorite NFL team, now may be the right time to question whether or not you would eat a teal burger. That is right – a TEAL burger.

Consuming food in your favorite team’s colors may not be one of the things you had on your bucket list, but that does not mean that it is not about to happen. In fact, the Jacksonville Jaguars are expecting fans to consume a myriad of team colored treats at this Sunday’s game on the 7th of January.

What the Heck? Teal Food?!?!

Jacksonville is going to be playing in their first home payoff game since back in 2000. This game on the 7th of January is sure to be a record setter and they are making sure that the day is one to remember for ALL fans.

So, what is all they hype about? The stadium plans to serve up teal colored foods and drinks to honor the Jaguars and help fans celebrate the huge milestone. Fans can expect to see teal burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, beer, and other varieties of drinks.

Okay, okay, so me must fess up a little here…the meat itself is not teal. Yes, you can stop holding your vomit back now. The buns will be teal – your burgers and hot dogs will be cooked to perfect without a worry.

Anheuser-Busch whipped up a special teal colored beer for fans to toss back while they are at the game. If for some reason you cannot be at the game, why not whip up some teal food in celebration while at home?

While teal food is on the menu and likely to shock some fans to the core, it is important to note that the Jaguars will be welcoming 1,000 Hurricane Irma refugees to the game. They opened up an additional 3,500 seats at EverBank Field.

Bet on Your Favorite NFL Team

Whether you are in love with the Jacksonville Jaguars or another team that has a playoff game, we think it is safe to say that the teal food idea may not be one of the best, but it could be quite fun. If you are confident that your team will take home a win this Sunday or any other Sunday throughout this season or next, view all NFL betting markets at William Hill and win yourself some extra cash. You never know what type of teal food your money can buy!


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