The True Upside to the Cleveland Browns This Year


Published: July 21, 2009

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... season?

They went 4-12, have a new regime, have no true proven quarterback, etc. They have a lot of things to figure out. A lot of it sounds good on paper but I need to see it to believe it.

Here are some upsides to the Browns if they aren't successful:

1) They won't lose sloppy.

Last season, the Browns lost a lot of their games in disgusting fashion. I would scream, curse, throw my remote controller, etc. It won't happen this season.

Eric Mangini will not let his team beat themselves, and by doing so, he will put everything on himself and the rest of the coaching staff.

If the Browns lose, it will be due to the mistakes made by the coaches, because every player on the field will be playing his heart out.

2) Eric Mangini will show all kinds of emotion.

During last season, whenever the Browns did good, Romeo Crennell was always smiling as if he just won ten dollars in the lottery. ...

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