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Possible Cleveland-Miami Trade For Cribbs If No Deal Is Reached

Published: January 9, 2010

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Browns offer Cribbs new deal…..

Cribbs is disgusted…..

Browns say offer is final…..

Cribbs and agents act very unprofessional…..


If Cribbs can’t act professional and a deal cannot be negotiated, the Browns should deal him. It shouldn’t matter if we can just bench him. The value we can get over benching him is too much.

Therefore, I have a possible trade between the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins. It is definitely lopsided towards the Browns, but not too lopsided.

The Miami Dolphins get:
-KR/PR/WR/RB Joshua Cribbs
-QB Brady Quinn
-CB Bradnon McDonald

The Cleveland Browns get:
-QB Chad Henne
-SS Yeremiah Bell
-WR Ted Ginn Jr.
-CB Nate jones or Jason Allen

Miami gets the king of the wildcat offense and the best special teams player in the NFL, or maybe even all time.

They also get a quarterback who can manage a game and play well with a good offense like Miami’s and has experience under the wild-cat offense.

McDonald is somewhat of just a throw-in in this trade but could really help the Dolphin’s defense in the secondary.

Cleveland gets a new and young and successful quarterback who, not exactly 100% proven, is better than both Quinn and Derek Anderson.

They also add a defensive leader in Bell, who can intercept the ball (had three this year), sack a quarterback (7.5 in his career), and is a tackling machine.

They get Cribb’s replacement in Ginn who is a better receiver than Cribbs, and has blazing speed which could help open the Browns running game up.

Lastly, they get a player to add depth into the Browns secondary. Either Jones or Allen could start, or play behind a player the Browns acquire in the offseason, hopefully the draft.

Yes, like I said, the trade is lopsided and favors the Browns, but Miami loves the wildcat. Cribbs could run it better than anyone.

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Switching to 4-3 Defense Would Do Wonders for Browns, Holmgren

Published: December 24, 2009

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Sorry Rob Ryan, your job is also in jeopardy.

The incoming Mike Holmgren may want a 4-3 defense, you run a 3-4, and the two of you have no connections.

I recently wrote an article about why the Browns should switch to the 3-4. After the way the season has gone, I believe it is now a necessity. Here’s the link.

The Browns currently run the 3-4, which is versatile due to having more linebackers than defensive lineman. The only problem is, the Browns have the players that fit the 4-3.

The two players that would benefit the most from the switch are Kamerion Wimbley and Corey Williams.

Wimbley, the best pass-rusher on the team currently has 6.5 sacks in the season. Imagine if he rushed the passer every down. He is a defensive end at heart and should be lining up in a three-point stance.

Williams, who played a lot better as a DT for the Green Bay Packers than he has as a DE for the Browns, would also improve. He fell off the face of the earth when he entered the Browns 3-4.

So without question, two players improve obviously. Others would improve as well.

D’Qwell Jackson, for instance, is an undersized linebacker but he is a tackling machine. If the four lineman in front of him don’t get the tackle, he will. He is quick enough to drop into coverage so his versatile play makes him perfect for the 4-3.

The same goes for Kaluka Miaiva. He can make a tackle and drop into coverage when needed. He would be the perfect backup for Jackson.

Eric Barton is also a tackling machine like Jackson. He is a veteran and would fall in wherever needed.

Now, if you don’t know who Matt Roth is, check the stat sheet. In four games with the Browns, he has 2.5 sacks. The man can get a sack and would benefit from blitzing every down.

And don’t forget Ahtyba Rubin. Since Roger’s season-ending injury, the man has stepped in and proved he can stop the run. Lining him and Rogers in the middle of the line could be dangerous for opposing teams.

All in all, every player in the front seven improves. It’s a no brainer in my eyes and Holmgren would be smart to make the transition.

If he made the move, I personally believe the Browns defense would at least rank in the top 12 in the league, if they improve at safety.

Which leads me to my next point. I recently wrote another article about why the Browns should consider trading down for picks so they can draft USC safety Taylor Mays. Here is the link.

If Cleveland transitioned to a 4-3, they might as well call it a 4-4 because Mays is as big as and hits like a linebacker, but has cornerback speed as well.

In my article about Mays, a very respectable member of B/R Daniel Wolf defended safety Abram Elam in a comment. Even Elam would fit better in the 4-3.

The man is more of a tackling and blitzing safety than a ball hawk. He has a sack on the season and he got that against Minnesota in Week One. When he blitzed, he got to Brett Favre quickly.

These players in a 4-3 would be a smashmouth defense, tackling anything in sight and constantly pressuring the quarterback. Get Eric Wright a corner who can keep up and the defense could run as smooth as the Browns want it to.

DE: Kamerion Wimbley, David Bowens
DT: Ahtyba Rubin, Cprey Williams, CJ Mosley
DT: Sean Rogers, Kenyon Coleman, Robaire Smith
DE: Matt Roth, David Veikune
OLB: D’Qwell Jackson
ILB: Eric Barton
OLB: Kaluka Miaiva, Blake Costanzo
CB: Eric Wright, Coye Francies
CB: Brandon McDonald, Hank Poteat
FS: Taylor Mays, Brodney Pool
SS: Abram Elam, Mike Adams

It looks like, with the right coaching, the Browns have a good defense ahead of them. A great mix of youth, experience, play makers, and sure tacklers. Stopping the run and rushing the QB are priorities and this defense I propose is very capable of doing that.

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The Cleveland Browns Should Consider Trading Down for USC Taylor Mays

Published: December 23, 2009

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Before I get into my article, I would like to make some points about the Browns upcoming draft.

A.) Since their return to the NFL, the Browns rarely draft defensively in the first round.

1999- QB Tim Couch (one overall)
2000- DE Courtney Brown (one overall)
2001- DT Gerard Warren (three overall)
2002- RB William Green (16 overall)
2003- C Jeff Faine (21 overall)
2004- TE Kellen Winslow Jr. (six overall)
2005- WR Braylon Edwards (three overall)
2006- OLB Kamerion Wimbley (13 overall)
2007- OT Joe Thomas (three overall), Brady Quinn (22 overall)
2008- none
2009- C Alex Mack (21 overall)

In 11 years (11 picks), the Browns have only drafted three defensive players in the first round.

Browns was a bust, Warren left via free agency, and Wimbley lacks coaching and pass-rushing help. This is exactly why the Browns defense ranks near the bottom. They put their focus on offense.

They haven’t really made bad picks on offense, just didn’t groom the players right. Winslow could have been the Browns best TE in history but injuries and lack of consequences screwed up his chances.

Edwards could have been great, but his ego and work ethic got to him. Romeo Crennel’s laid back style of coaching didn’t exactly help that.

Couch wasn’t a bad pick, but the team that he played with wasn’t so impressive. This led to his downfall in Cleveland then to his early retirement.

The Browns have bad luck with offensive picks, and need defense to compete in the AFC North. Defense is the way to go in the first-round.

B.) The Browns defensive picks are good but not great

The Browns more commonly draft offense first, defense later. They have made some good draft picks defensively in the later rounds, but it just isn’t enough.

Players like D’Qwell Jackson, Leon Williams, Sean Jones, Brodney Pool, Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, and Ahtyba Rubin come to mind. These players are all good but just aren’t great.

Drafting a defensive player in the first-round could be exactly what the Browns need. They have strict coaching in Eric Mangini and a strong leader in Mike Holmgren. Their potential will be reached.

C)The Browns are missing out.

The Browns draft looked pretty good before their two game winning streak. Now, DT Ndamukong Suh, S Eric Berry, and OT Russel Okung might be gone by the time they pick.

Many others thought they would draft QB Jake Locker but he didn’t apply for the draft so they can rule that out as well.

It seems like their best options are CB Joe Haden, DT Gerald McCoy, and S Taylor Mays. But which one is more needed?

Wright is the only starter quality corner and McDonald is in question. Sean Rogers mans up the defensive line with many veterans around him. Abram Elam is as good as a backup and Pool’s career is in question.

It’s clear safety is the best option here. Taylor Mays is predicted to be drafted in the top 15, and the Browns are drafting somewhere around five. If they can ind someone willing to trade down for their first and 2nd/3rd round picks, the Browns should jump on it and take Mays.

With an additional pick (12 total), the Browns can be much more versatile in their draft.

Mays, an instant starter at safety, would be a nightmare for opposing defense. His 6’3″ 230 pound frame just screams power. He has been compared to Adrian Wilson (size) and Sean Taylor (hitting-ability).

This leaves room for the Browns to draft a corner, defensive lineman, and another player that is needed for next season. Trading down for Taylor Mays makes the most sense.

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Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns Trade: Anderson, Mcdonald, Bush, and Eugene

Published: December 17, 2009

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In a recent article written by B/R’s own Sam Ingro, there was talk about trading Derek Anderson to the Oakland Raiders.

Reason’s such as these were used:
– QB JaMarcus Russell and Charlie Frye just won’t cut it
– With the fast receivers on the Raiders, DA’s powerful arm could be well utilized
– DA played well in college possibly due to warm weather. It could be the same case for him in Oakland.

Ingro claims to have started the rumor himself. Whether he did or not, I agree with the rumor completely. Although acquiring draft picks…I’m still “iffy,” on that.

Ingro had idea’s such as acquiring draft picks, running back Michael Bush, and/or safety Mike Mitchell. All great ideas, especially acquiring Bush. Here is my proposal:

Cleveland Browns get:
– RB Michael Bush
– S Hiram Eugene

Oakland Raiders get:
– QB Derek Anderson
– CB Brandon McDonald

The trade accomplishes so much yet has no big name players, not a huge amount of money spent (although DA’s contract is somewhat hefty), and no team giving up something special.

The Raiders: As of now, as you know, they are struggling at quarterback. JaMarcus Russell is presumed as a bust, Bruce Gradkowski is hurt, and backup third-string ex-Brown Charlie Frye is being named the starter.

This calls for some concern. With the fast receiver’s that the Raiders have on their roster, Anderson’s well-known cannon for an arm could become an asset for the team. Not to mention it would open up the running game.

It seems like acquiring Anderson would extremely help the Raiders out. But why Brandon McDonald?

The three corners for the Raiders right now are Nnamdi Asomugha, 28, Chris Johnson, 30, and Stanford Routt, 26. Wide receiver Jonathan Holland is also playing at corner for the Raiders.

They have talented starters but no depth whatsoever behind them. Brandon McDonald instantly fixes that.

With the Raider’s needs covered, why do the Browns want Bush or Eugene?

Bush is obvious. With Jamal Lewis retiring, Jerome Harrison hitting free agency, and Chris Jenning’s/James Davis’ inexperience, the Browns need an productive and experienced back.

Bush, a third-string on the Raiders, has 85 carries for 386 yards and two touchdowns (ypc of 4.5). Some say he is the best back on the team, and has just found himself behind previous starter Justin Fargas and first-round draft pick Darren McFadden.

Bush is the bruising back the Browns need and is there for the taking. Eugene is also a big needed player for the Browns.

When the season started, the Browns starting safeties were Brodney Pool and Abram Elam. Pool suffered yet another concussion and Elam isn’t anywhere near consistent. With Pool’s career in jeopardy and Elam’s disappointing play, a safety is needed.

Mike Adams doesn’t cut. Nick Soreson doesn’t cut it either. In steps Eugene.

Eugene has started four games this season, playing in a total of 11. In his four year career, he has started 19 games, playing in a total of 43, all for the Raiders. Although he is 29 years old, he would be a great pickup.

If the Browns drafted a safety, their secondary could actually function for the first time since the days of Sean Jones (when he was healthy).

So, all in all, the Browns trade a backup and a starter. The Raiders trade two backups. The Browns get two starters. The Raiders get one starter and a backup. Although, McDonald could take over for 30 year old Chris Johnson.

The trade is no questions asked a win-win. A perfect trade scenario if you will. Both teams improve at the cost some unimportant players.

Thanks to B/R’s Sam Ingro for the rumor starting! It starts some great speculation.

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Cleveland Browns Draft; Improve the Defense And Depth, Obtain More Picks

Published: December 13, 2009

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If the draft started today, the Cleveland Browns would be drafting third overall. Losing the opportunity to draft Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh is a hefty price to pay for beating the Superbowl reigning Pittsburgh Steelers.

Nonetheless it was worth it and now we probably won’t get Suh. I’m assuming that the Tampa Bay Buccanneers would take Suh, followed by the St. Louis Rams selecting Notre Dame’s QB Jimmy Clausen.

Now, sitting at third overall with the player they wanted gone, they have their options. Tennessee safety Eric Berry, Oklahoma States OT Russell Okung, and many quarterbacks. Here is where it starts to resemble last season.

The Browns trade down just like last year!!!!

Cleveland Browns get:
– Seattle Seahawks first-round pick (12 overall)
– Seattle Seahawks second-round pick (44 overall)
-CB Kelly Jennings

Seattle Seahawks get:
– Cleveland Browns first-round pick (3 overall)

Both team get what they want. Seattle is looking for a quarterback to take over the ‘Hawks in the future. They get that quarterback with this pick. The Browns want draft picks and defensive help. They add an additional pick and a CB to help their secondary.

It’s a win win scenario. Nine picks later and the Browns are sitting at 12 overall. Here they have their options again. OT Trent Williams, RB CJ Spiller, and OLB Sergio Kindle are great picks…

The Browns trade down again!!!!

The Cleveland Browns get:
– New York Jets first-round pick (17 overall)
– FS Kerry Rhodes

The New York Jets get:
– Cleveland Browns first-round pick (12 overall)

In this instance, the Jets trade up for one reason, and that’s to snatch up CB Joe Haden before the Falcons do. Rhodes wants out of New York also.

Cleveland, with Brodney Pool’s concussions and Abram Elam’s inconsistent play, need a veteran safety. The five year vet is a ballhawk and doesn’t miss many tackles. He is also capable of getting a sack.

Now, when the trading down seems all said and done, HEY TRADE DOWN ONCE AGAIN!!!!

No I’m just kidding, they finally stop and make their selection. With the 17th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Florida’s linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Before you make an opinion, look at what the Browns have done so far. They added a starting CB in Kelly Jennings, a starting FS in Kerry Rhodes, and an additional second-round pick (44 overall).

And on top of that, they add a promising middle linebacker to go along with D’Qwell Jackson and the Browns desperate defense. So…They add three starters on defense and a draft pick in two trades? Good day so far.

Now they play the waiting game until their next pick at 35 overall. With that pick, they find the best available defensive lineman. At this point in the draft, Aurthur Jones could still be on the board. They take him!

A while of waiting and now they are picking at 44 overall. Already adding a player at every area on defense (DL, LB, CB, and S), the Browns go offensive.

RT John St. Clair has really hurt the Browns offensive game this year, whether it be his drive ending penalties or giving up the sack. Basically, he needs replaced. Here the Browns find LSU’s OT Ciron Black.

Black has a big frame at 6’5″ and 314 lbs. He helps the offensive line establish a running game which all in all helps out Brady Quinn’s production level.

Now, the Browns started out with two draft picks in the first two rounds (3-and-35 overall). Now, at the cost of trading down, they now have five starters (three rookies), four at defense.

With nine draft picks in the next five rounds, the Browns team would be upgraded to a huge extent. The Browns could center in at other needs later on in the draft. They could draft a CB and a SS in the third-round to further improve their defense.

From there, they could go for an OLB, a TE, a RB, and a QB to strengthen the team’s overall depth.

Of course this is all how I would like the draft to go, but I don’t think anyone would be upset with the results. If anything, they would praise the new General Manager for this.

The Browns defensive depth chart after this draft:

DE- Aurthur Jones, Robaire Smith
NT- Sean Rogers, ahtyba Rubin, CJ Mosley
DE- Kenyon Coleman, Corey Williams
OLB- Kamerion Wimbley, Jason Trusnik
ILB- D’Qwell Jackson, Kaluka Miaiva
ILB- Brandon Spikes, Eric Barton
OLB- Matt Roth, David Bowens
CB1- Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, Coy Francies
CB2- Joe Haden, drafted player, Hank Poteat
FS- Kerry Rhodes, Abram Elam
SS- Brodney Pool, drafted player

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James Davis Deserves a Chance to Start With Browns’ First-Team Offense

Published: August 23, 2009

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Hut Hut Hike!!! Ratliff drops back…delayed handoff to James Davis on the draw. A cut through blocked defenders, and then goodbye! Davis goes down the sideline for an 81-yard touchdown run.

Now sit there and think to yourself: “Would Jamal Lewis have been that quick to get that done?”

The answer is no.

Although Jamal is very good and is admirable for his efforts, the fact is that he isn’t the Jamal he use to be. He can still be a workhorse, but won’t get you a whole lot of yardage per carry.

Cleveland Browns coaches should know this, and then realize the talent they have in rookie sixth-round pick James Davis.

This past Saturday against the Detroit Lions in Cleveland Browns stadium, Davis had a decent game highlighted by his 81-yard touchdown run.

During that game, Lewis had seven rushes for 23 yards (3.3 ypc) and one Touchdown. JD, discarding the 81 yard run, had 11 rushes for 35 yards (just under a 3.2 ypc).

Looking at the numbers, their stats are very similar, with Jamal barely ahead on ypc. One thing to strongly consider is that Jamal played with the starting offense and JD did not.

While Jamal played, Quinn played well and DA lit up the Lions. While JD played, he played alongside the second/third-string offense, along with QB Bret Ratliff (who hasn’t done anything all off-season).

Their numbers are practically identical and when you give Davis his 81-yard rush for a TD, he surpasses Jamal on performance. JD should get the start with the first offense this upcoming game against the Tennessee.

Now some out there will attack my argument saying such things as “James Davis didn’t play against the Lions No. 1 defense!”

Well if that’s your argument, then consider this. Jamal ran for a 3.3 ypc against the worst team in football, while the Browns passing game was doing quite well.

JD deserves a shot to show coach Mangini what he is capable of while playing for the first-team offense. PERIOD!

The True Upside to the Cleveland Browns This Year

Published: July 21, 2009

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If you really think about it, how good do you really expect the Cleveland Browns to be this upcoming season?

They went 4-12, have a new regime, have no true proven quarterback, etc. They have a lot of things to figure out. A lot of it sounds good on paper but I need to see it to believe it.

Here are some upsides to the Browns if they aren’t successful:

1) They won’t lose sloppy.

Last season, the Browns lost a lot of their games in disgusting fashion. I would scream, curse, throw my remote controller, etc. It won’t happen this season.

Eric Mangini will not let his team beat themselves, and by doing so, he will put everything on himself and the rest of the coaching staff.

If the Browns lose, it will be due to the mistakes made by the coaches, because every player on the field will be playing his heart out.

2) Eric Mangini will show all kinds of emotion.

During last season, whenever the Browns did good, Romeo Crennell was always smiling as if he just won ten dollars in the lottery. Whenever they did bad, he just stared at the field with a blank face.

Mangini will be nothing like this. He will scream out of anger, throw his headset to the ground, yet at lazy players, etc. Though he will show anger, he will also show other emotions.

On a decent drive that ends in a field goal, he will let his team know they did good by scoring. If they score a touchdown, he will do the same. He won’t overdue it though because he knows he has a game to finish.

At the end of games, you will see his true colors. If he has a smile and he is congratulating his players, it means they either won or they played their hearts out and came very close.

If he pulls a LeBron James and walks right of the field, then he is disappointed.

3) It’s a rebuilding year.

Yes Browns fans are very passionate and they want their team to win, but rebuilding doesn’t happen over one offseason (Miami Dolphins excluded), it takes time.

If your a true fan, you will see the positive in the players progression and will know where the team needs to improve.

Don’t get all worked up, Cleveland didn’t sign an almighty coach to save us, at  least so quickly, they signed him to a three-year deal so he has two years to get his team ready for the final year in his contract.

Baltimore Ravens Derrick Mason Retired: What This Means for the Cleveland Browns

Published: July 19, 2009

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Derrick Mason isn’t exactly a big deal to the Cleveland Browns, considering they aren’t even sure if Mangini will be successful (oh please be successful Mangini), but it still makes a difference.

In week three of last season, the Browns got blown out by the Ravens 28-10 in their first meeting. In this game, Mason had four receptions for 42 yards.

Last season, in week nine when the Browns and the Baltimore Ravens had second first meeting, the Browns defense got destroyed giving the Ravens the 37-27 win.

In that game, Mason had nine receptions for 136 yards and a touchdown.

Against the Browns in 2008, Mason had 13 receptions for 178 yards and a touchdown. The 35-year-old, 12 year veteran was a great receiver for Baltimore and played well against the Browns. Without him things will be easier.


1. With Mason gone, other receivers will be depended on.

The predicted starters now are Michael Clayton and Demetrius Williams. Behind them Marcus Smith, Justin Harper, and Kelley Washington will battle it out.

Though good, none are at Mason’s level.


2. Joe Flacco loses his No. 1 receiver.

As a rookie quarterback, it must have been nice to have the sure-handed Mason hauling in catch after catch for you. Well, now he is gone and excuses aside, you fail if you don’t go as far as you did last season Flacco.

Is anyone ready to see a sophomore slump?


3. The running game will suffer.

The running game having a lot of cushion had a lot to do with Mason. The defense didn’t want to get burned so they play deep, but then the Ravens run the ball. Take away cushion to get the run and Mason burns you deep.

The cushion just got smaller, Baltimore!

All in all, the Browns’ defense will have it a little easier when the time comes to play Baltimore.

Since the Browns defense improved while the Ravens offense got worse, Cleveland could see a victory against Baltimore this year.

Another Reason to Believe in Eric Mangini: A Message to the Non-Believers

Published: June 19, 2009

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Since the day Eric Mangini has been in Cleveland, he has gotten what he wants.

First, in a press conference, he talked about how he wanted George Kokinis to be his general manager. Like he wanted, Kokinis came to Cleveland starting this chain reaction. Every coach he seeked after joined Cleveland as well.

From there, he wanted draft picks and he got some via trading Kellen Winslow Jr. to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Then he came in and got an uproar from defensive lineman Shaun Rogers. Mangini expected the situation to die down and it did. Rogers shut his trap!

In free agency, there wasn’t one single free agent that he went after that he did not get. At first, he missed out on deepback Abram Elam because the New York Jets matched the offer. Mangini would later acquire Elam on draft day.

Then when all the trade rumors about Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn started buzzing around the league, he expected his players to not act like the rest of the league, examples being Jay Cutler and Anquon Boldin.

Edwards surprisingley hasn’t mumbled one bad word about anything and Quinn has put his faith in the coaching staff.

It doesn’t matter if Mangini didn’t get what he wanted from teams in trades for these players, because he never gave in. He said ante up or no deal.

Draft day comes and Mangini has center Alex Mack in his sights from the get go. After he acquires Elam through a trade, a few other players and a few other draft picks in other trades (like he wanted), he drafted Mack.

Not only did Mangini get the player he wanted, but he took Mack away from the Pittsburgh Steelers! Most mock drafts out there had Mack going to Pittsburgh so this was bigger than most think.

So he has the players, the picks, the coaching staff, and the respect. What else has he gotten from there?

Well, he has referee’s at his practices, the green berets joining is, his players going on bus rides as well as playing in the rain.

The league can fuss all they want about the rookie bus ride and whatever else they can find. Either way, Mangini is installing a plan for success here. Actually, he is following the plan that he has had ever since he had the meeting for the coaching vacancy with Randy Lerner.

This is just one more reason to believe in Mangini.

So for all you non-believers out there, no more crying about how “this is just another ‘rebuilding’ process!” It’s getting old. Call me an whatever you choose but Mangini is bringing something to Cleveland that no other coach since the return of the Cleveland Browns has.

For all the fans that do not believe that Cleveland will return to glory, when the Browns have the respect from the rest of the NFL teams, you won’t have their respect. Either your it or your out. Either you do or do not believe. Either you bleed Brown and Orange or you don’t.

You can pretend all you want when NFL Sunday comes around, and you sitting with your buddies saying “I knew they could do it all along,” but you know the truth. Either jump on Mangini’s train or jump on the bandwagon and follow the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Make up your mind… Now.

The Cleveland Browns Standpoint as of Now

Published: June 12, 2009

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So far, Mangini has impressed me. At first, I, along with most of you Browns fans out there, I was a little skeptical as him as the Browns new coach.

Some have come along to like Mangini, as some still don’t see where he is taking the franchise. Here is where they stand (as of now).

As of now, the entire roster is under the microscope, which suites itself because it went under the knife at the beginning of the preseason.

First of all, the offensive line will be a strong point, and even better, it will be stronger than 2007. The signing of George Foster finishes the line. A mix of experience, youth, size, depth, and consistency is how you describe the Browns O-line.

Joe Thomas will be the (Pro Bowl) anchor, Eric Steinach will be the face of consitency, Alex Mack will be the new kid, and the right side will be the competition.

Mangini looks to bring a very strong running game to the AFC North. Jamal Lewis will lead the pack, while Jerome Harrison and James Davis will fit into their roles (nicely). They aren’t the best backs in the league but WILL get the job done.

Jamal is a natural leader, and wants redemption from a disappointing post career-saving year. His guidance will strongly influence his new prodigy Davis, and his power will help Jerome’s elusiveness thrive.

The receivers are new, even including Braylon Edwards and Josh Cribbs. Edwards won’t run deep routes constantly and Cribbs will see an expanded role. The rookies Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi are new found energy, while veterans Mike Furrey and David Patten will show them which direction to channel it.

The receivers are a better group than most realize, and Edwards is in his contract year. They will explode onto the scene before any team knows it.

The quarterback dilemma is deteriorating most fans insides, as well as the quarterbacks themselves. The pits of stomachs are feeling the butterflies, and not the ones you get on the first date.

Whether it be Quinn or Anderson (or Ratliff), the QB will succeed nonetheless. The offensive is on a ball-control basis and all the position needs is leadership along with consistency. Mangini leads towards Quinn…

The defense had the talent last year, but it wasn’t utilized well.

Starting corners Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald did exceptionally well considering a passrush was almost nonexistent, especially when Shaun Rogers was gasping for air on the sidelines.

With veterans Roderick Hood and Corey Ivy, along with ExJet Hank Poteat, Wright and McDonald along with the rest of the secondary will see consistency. The rookies, Don Carey and Coye Francies will fight for roster spots, making them more valuable on certain defensive packages.

The competition brewing in the secondary is overlooked due to the QB dispute, but it’s there. This will make everyone fight for playing time, and Rod Hood is in a “prove yourself” one year contract. With a pass rush, oh baby…

Speaking of that pass rush, it will be there. Yet another part of the defensive under utilized, look for the sack leader to be in the double digits this year. Kamerion Wimbley and Rogers will be there, but it’s up to the others to generate.

Sophomore Alex Hall will starting time, rookie David Veikune will be the “situational” passrusher, and David Bowens will the veteran glue. Eric Barton will strengthen and guide the group, while D’Qwell Jackson racks up 120 plus tackles (closer to the line of scrimmage this year).

With a deep defensive line, Rogers can be at ease. The backup will come when needed, and ready to go head to head (or body to body) will the opposing O-line. Mangini will be sure of that.

New D-lineman Kenyon Coleman knows the defense, while Corey Williams now has a year of 3-4 defense under his belt. Depth will also help them when needed. No Mario Williams on this line, just a mack truck in the center will solid wing men alongside him.

The biggest question on the defense, I believe, is the safeties. Sean Jones is gone, Brodney Pool HAS to prove himself, and Abram Elam is looking to finally have a true starting role.

If Pool can be consistent, and Elam lives up to the potential that Mangini, as well as I believe he has, then look out gunslinger QB’s. Pool has improved his numbers each year, and can get the occasional sack. Elam did well in the time he saw, and could thrive in a starting role.

The backups in Mike Adams and Nick Soreson can get it done if needed, so the safeties, in all honesty, could thrive or barely survive.

The special teams unite has always been good, strongly influenced by leaders in Cribbs and Phil Dawson. Despite them both wanting new contacts, they will show up for 2009 with smiles on their faces. They will soon realize that a new contract under new management/coaching isn’t right.

Play a year under your new coach and then talk. Other than that, the ST’s will be great. Dawson will kick field goals with great accuracy, Cribbs will return with attitude, Dave Zastudil will be a consistent punter…

Some players will step us as great special teamers. Kuluka Maiava being a first to come to mind.

This team will be disciplined, smart, consistent, and fresh. They might even have some of their fellow Clevelander’s and have “swag,” like the Cavaliers. Either way, the Browns are looking to improve. Do not, and I mean DO NOT underestimate them.

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