The Phinal Word: Are The Miami Dolphins Scared Of The Deep End?


Published: September 28, 2009

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... because of my insatiable bloodlust, because you know, it's insatiable. But because I saw evidence that blood actually ran through the Dolphins instead of motor oil.

Pennington played an entire drive looking like he'd just squared off against George Foreman. It had me on my feet yelling an acapella version of the Rocky theme song.

The whole scene was awe-inspiring, and I was captivated up until Ronnie Brown and Pennington's successful punt. Or should I say fumbled touchback? It was too surreal to describe.

The point is that I was excited; it looked like Miami was ready to start exhibiting some passion. Because let's face it, the product on the field has been like a tour of a library.

Boooooooooooring. Informative (love that microfiche), but boring.

After three weeks, it's clear that Miami has a knack for controlling the football. Their drives are planned down to such an extent that Pennington was penciled in for water brea...

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