The Philadelphia Eagles Potential Offensive Lineup Looks Familiar


Published: April 28, 2009


... it's productive.

For instance, Bill Walsh founded the West Coast Offense that so many teams continue to use almost thirty years later.  Tony Dungy's "Cover 2" defense began to spread throughout the league when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl (even though Dungy was gone by then).  Rex Ryan has even resurrected his father's "46" defense with much success.

Such is the case of the NFL because it's the ultimate family-tree business.  A head coach grooms his assistants into head coach material.  When these coaches depart to run their own teams, they tend to take their mentors philosophy and tweak it into a form of their own, which they then use to groom their own assistant coaches and so on.

However, the key to success for these coaches is to find the right players to execute their plans to perfection. 

While Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has implemented the West Coast offense in Philly, they've n...

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