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Danny Amendola Passed the Audition… Just Not For the Eagles

Published: September 5, 2009

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Timing is everything, especially in the NFL. Example: If the Eagles signed wide receiver Danny Amendola as an undrafted free agent last year and he had the preseason he had this year, he’d probably make the regular season roster.

Unfortunately, the Eagles picked him up this offseason. This is the first time in Andy Reid’s tenure as head coach that the Birds had too many talented receivers. With Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson, and rookie Jeremy Maclin locking up roster spots already, Amendola had a tough battle with Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown and rookie Brandon Gibson.

Amendola had a productive preseason as both a receiver and punt returner, but it just wasn’t enough. While I didn’t want to see him go, I’m glad Philly’s front office finally had the option to of making such a touch decision after years of Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell, James Thrash and Billy McMullen.

I would like to see Amendola on the practice squad. But that’s just not going to happen. There are 31 other organizations that watched what he can do and many of them could use a young up-and-coming talent with Wes Welker-esque potential.

Danny Amendola should be in an NFL uniform next week for Kickoff Weekend, just not in Philadelphia.

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The Eagles Should Pursue Leonard Pope

Published: September 5, 2009

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The NFL Preseason is officially over today now that the final cut deadline is here. Teams have trimmed their rosters down to 53 players and are preparing for the regular season next week.

The Philadelphia Eagles are still extremely thin at the tight end position and need to find a trusted backup to Brent Celek quickly.

Tony Curtis looked pretty good Thursday night, but what seems to have been forgotten is that the preseason finale was played mostly by reserves on both sides. His production still doesn’t convince me that it will translate into regular season success.

Celek already suffered a shoulder injury this preseason, so the Eagles need a reliable and experienced tight end to back him up.

I think recent ex-Cardinal Leonard Pope would be a decent pickup for the Birds. He has experience as a starter and his size (6’8”, 264 lbs) would help Philly in the red zone tremendously. His addition would make wide receiver Hank Baskett more than expendable.

Forget why the Cardinals cut him (lack of blocking technique). Pope’s skill set as a receiver benefits the Eagles and would make up for the loss of Cornelius Ingram.

One reason Pope didn’t work out in Arizona is Kurt Warner doesn’t utilize his tight ends much. Unlike Warner, Donovan McNabb relies on his tight ends a lot which is why L.J. Smith was considered such a disappointment even with 37 receptions last season.

If the Eagles signed Pope he wouldn’t have to start, but it would be extremely comforting knowing he can. He also would be a threat in two tight end sets that would make the Birds offense even more versatile than it already is……


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Seven Players the Philadelphia Eagles Must Let Go

Published: September 5, 2009

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Just like there are players the Eagles have to give a chance and hope they turn the opportunity into success like Quinten Mikell, there are just as many if not more that they can ill-afford to keep around past this weekend.

These players are have been non-productive because they either are one dimensional, have no upside, or too old to “see what they can bring”.

By keeping these guys, the Eagles not only give up quality depth.  They interfere with the progress of others who likely can and will contribute more.

1. Lorenzo Booker-RB

Booker may be fast, but he comes to a halt just as quickly because he can’t break tackles.  He can’t block which would be dangerous for quarterbacks.  When he’s in the game, opponents should know the Eagles are either passing or running to the outside. He was severely outplayed this preseason by Eldra Buckley.

2. Kevin Kolb-QB

I wouldn’t cut Kolb, but I’d rather trade him than A.J. Feeley.  Feeley knows the offense better and Kolb deserves a chance to start somewhere instead of eventually being No. 3 behind Michael Vick.  Kolb also would command much more in return that Feeley.

3. Hank Baskett-WR

Baskett is a good guy and he tries hard.  That’s just not good enough for a team that wants to play in Miami in February.  Baskett was kept because his height would help with fade routes in the red zone.  The problem is he can’t even do that well enough.

4. Dan Klecko-DT

The Eagles have a true fullback so there’s no need to convert Klecko this year.  Klecko’s strength as a defensive tackle is pass rushing and they have Darren Howard to move inside on passing downs to add to his 10 sacks from last year.

5. Winston Justice-OT

Justice has improved this year, but not enough to keep him around.  Mike McGlynn is much more versatile on the O-line.  I also would take an ancient Jon Runyan over Justice as well.

6. Matt Schoebel-TE

How Schoebel lasted this long with the team is beyond me.  There is nothing he provides for this team.  When your coach would rather give his son’s high school classmate a chance than you, you should know you’re chances of staying are slim to none.

7.  Jaqua Parker-DE

The Eagles have no room for a 31-year-old weed advocate who wears down by midseason.  Now that Babin’s here and Victor Abiamiri should be healthy, Parker should be very expendable now.

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Three Players the Philadelphia Eagles Must Keep

Published: September 5, 2009

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The NFL preseason is coming to a close.  Starting this coming Thursday, teams will be playing games that count.

By 6 pm today, each team has to reduce its roster to 53 players.  While many players (whether they’re proved commodities or first day draft picks) have secure their spots weeks ago, there are many decisions to be made regarding guys who weren’t given much of a chance a month ago.

Who will the Philadelphia Eagles keep? Who has a good chance to go from being a long shot to a Pro Bowler? 

At first there were four players I felt the Eagles couldn’t afford to send packing, but now defensive end Jason Babin re-did his contract with the team I’ve reduced it to three.

Not only did Babin deserve a roster spot, he deserves a chance to start opposite Trent Cole.  He’s shown more of why he was once a first round pick rather than why he was available to sign with his fourth team.

There are three other players who not only have the ability to contribute immediately, but they have tremendous upsides and will only get better as they get further acclimated to playing at the NFL level.


1. Eldra Buckley-RB

With Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy in front of him, Buckley likely wouldn’t get many touches.  But, Buckley brings a different dimension in addition to showing he can fit into the Eagles style of offense. He’s more of a power runner who has the ability to get those tough yards that cost the Birds a few games last season.

2. Brandon Gibson-WR

What caused Gibson to drop to the sixth round, I’ll probably never know nor will I care.  I’m just glad the Eagles had the chance to acquire him.  He’s a sharp route runner with a high football IQ and great hands.  For those who question being a low round pick, remember that both T.J. Houshmandzadeh(Seattle) and Marques Colston(New Orleans) were seventh round picks.

3. Moise Fokou-LB

You can’t judge Fokou for his play as a middle linebacker with the first team.  He’s a rookie who’s never played the position before.  What stands out is that he plays with a passion that can’t be coached. What will be addressed is the mental mistakes he’s committed.  It won’t be overnight, but once he fixes that he’ll be dangerous for opposing offenses.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Why I Support The Signing of Michael Vick

Published: August 14, 2009

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While I don’t condone dogfighting or any act of cruelty (human or animal), I also don’t support permanent punishment of individuals who have made mistakes.


The incidents that Michael Vick allowed himself to be involved in were cruel, irresponsible, unprofessional and flat-out stupid. That being said, he has cooperated with the justice system and the NFL since his indictment in 2007.


He’s served his sentence. He’s cooperated with Roger Goodell, who I think is the most respectable commissioner of all major sports. He’s accepted the mentoring of one of the classiest men the NFL has ever had in Tony Dungy. 


He’s out to prove that he’s a rehabilitated individual who, like many of us including those who protest him being reinstated to the league, made some stupid mistakes. I believe he deserves a chance to redeem himself as a person and a football player.


I knew that Vick would one day play in the NFL again, but the last team I thought would pursue him would be the Philadelphia Eagles. I was at Kaminski’s in Cherry Hill after work watching the end of the first half against the Patriots last night when I first received a text message of his signing. 


I thought the individual who texted me was just being a prankster. Then, a random stranger came up next to me and asked, “How about that Vick signing with the Eagles?”  At that point, I rushed outside to get a strong enough signal to check the headlines and there it was…..VICK SIGNS TWO-YEAR DEAL WITH EAGLES.


Once reality sunk in and I watched Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb’s press conference, I thought, “This is good for both sides.”  It’s a low risk/high reward for the Eagles and a place where Vick isn’t expected to be “The Man” after two years away from the game.


For the Eagles, Vick is more than just a Wildcat option. I’m not buying the propaganda that has been delivered. Vick is here to be the No. 2 option at quarterback behind McNabb. 


Before his knee injury that kept him out of the preseason opener, I don’t think the Eagles had much confidence in Kevin Kolb being McNabb’s primary backup nor is he considered the future of the Eagles anymore. 


A.J. Feeley showed why he is still on the roster and is likely not going anywhere, making Kolb trade bait at this point. By the time he is eligible and in football shape, Vick may very well be the best second-string quarterback in the league.


For Vick, he gets to be part of a very structured environment. The goal is to keep McNabb healthy. If that’s the case, Vick really won’t see the field much and can focus on getting re-acclimated to life in the NFL. But if McNabb were to go down, would you rather see Vick or Kolb jogging onto the field?


Despite the logo, the Eagles are not an animal rights group. They are a football team in business to win games. High character is important and if Vick is truly a reformed individual, that says a lot about his current character. 


If giving him a second chance helps get Philadelphia its first Lombardi Trophy, I’m all for it.

Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Coming Soon: 80 Players, 80 Questions/Speculations

Published: July 9, 2009

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Here we are, less than three weeks away from the Philadelphia Eagles taking over the sports headlines until hopefully early February. The trade for Chris Pronger, the inconsistency of the World Series Champs, whatever happens to Andre Miller….all of these topics will take the backseat to anything that transpires at Lehigh University.

Last week I expressed my opinion about Terrell Owens not being the reason the Eagles reached the Super Bowl for the first time in almost a quarter century. He made humungous contributions, but he was far from being the only reason for 2004’s success.

What T.O. did bring was an electric atmosphere from the day the Eagles front office announced his trade. From the draft of Donovan McNabb over Ricky Williams to Jeremiah Trotter’s departure for Washington to Hugh Douglas’ hiatus in Jacksonville, people felt the Eagles front office didn’t know how to assemble a winning team. After Todd Pinkston’s embarrassment in the Bird’s third straight NFC Championship loss the city was fed up. For the first time during the Andy Reid era, Eagles fans felt like the front office finally listened by bringing Owens in.

For the first time since then, I feel the Eagles front office addressed the majority of their holes. They have a real fullback. Their receiving corp is respectable. They even signed quality players to replace those we hated to see depart this off season(Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan). The Eagles have replace a little hope with huge expectations. After reaching the NFC Championship for the 5th time in 8 years, It’s “hoist the Lombari Trophy or Bust” in 2009.

Being an August Leo, I’ve made it a tradition since 2004 to celebrate my birthday by traveling up the Northeast Extension, over to Rte 309 and north some more every year to observe the Eagles during training camp. This is the first glimpse of who can take a hit and who can deliver a hit. While I like to see the stars get back in rhythm, I also like to predict which low draft or undrafted player is going to make it(last year I picked King Dunlap…).

Going into training camp this year, I have questions/expectations for each player. The Eagles may get involved in the Supplemental Draft. They may sign another player soon. They may even make a trade. For now, let’s look at the 80 players they have now.

T.O. Is Not The Reason The 2004 Eagles Reached The Super Bowl

Published: June 30, 2009

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Outside of the OTAs, Donovan McNabb’s raise and Sheldon Brown’s unhappiness there hasn’t been too much to talk about this Eagles offseason.

The rookies show plenty of promise, but they have yet to perform with pads on.

Sean McDermott looks ready to oversee the defense, but he doesn’t Jimmy Johnson’s (get well soon) game time experience.

Although the pieces seem to be in place for another Super Bowl run, the desire for a No. 1 wide receiver is STILL a hot topic in Philadelphia. 

First Anquan Boldin, then Torry Holt, then Braylon Edwards.  Even Plaxico “Yosemite Sam trigger-finger” Burress was a receiver fans thought the Eagles should pursue.

Why? Because everyone thinks that one Terrell Owens is the reason the 2004 Eagles reached the Super Bowl.  Let me the guy to say T.O. had NOTHING to do with the Birds playoff run that year ending with a trip to Jacksonville that season.

For starters, T.O. hasn’t been in uniform for a playoff win since the 2002 season when the San Fransisco 49ers had a comeback win against the New York Giants.  He’s made a name for himself with regular season stats, but he’s never guaranteed team success in January. 

He proved his selfishness by feeling victorious after he recovered quick enough to put up big numbers in Super Bowl XXXIX. The bottom line was, unlike Moses Malone’s arrival to the Sixers in 1982, the Eagles still lost the game. Unfortunately, T.O.’s “success” started a well documented controversy that ultimately led to his departure midway through the following season.

Owens may have brought an added swagger and a prime time weapon to the team, but there were numerous reasons the Eagles took an extra step after three straight conference championship losses. 

These are the real reasons why.  Get your popcorn ready……….

1. Brian Westbrook’s health

In the previous season the Eagles still had Duce Staley, but  Westbrook’s value was realized when he was injured for the season against the Redskins.  With Todd Pinkston and James Thrash as the starting wideouts, Westbrook was McNabb’s safety valve.  He stayed healthy in 2004 and was on his way to being a stud after taking over Staley’s spot as the starting tailback.

2. Dorsey Levens

With Correll Buckhalter injured (again), the Eagles signed Levens to backup Westbrook. His short yardage ability was one of the keys to the Eagles red zone success, especially in the playoffs.

3. Chad Lewis

2004 was the last time the Eagles had a starting tight end NOT named L.J. Smith.  Lewis was McNabb’s favorite target.  Unfortunately, his TD catch that sealed the NFC Championship also broke his ankle to keep him out of the Super Bowl (I believe Lewis’ absence was a huge factor in the Eagles losing the Super Bowl).

4. Josh Parry/Jon Ritchie

This was the last time the Eagles had a true fullback on the roster.  Thomas Tapae was okay, but Ritchie was by far the best FB the Eagles had the past decade.

5. A dominant D-line

The return of Hugh Douglas, a healthy Derrick Burgess, the signing of Jevon Kearse.  Overall, the 2004 Eagles had a healthy eight man rotation of Douglas, N.D. Kalu, Burgess, Cory Simon, Darwin Walker, Hollis Thomas, Paul Grasmanis and Kearse.  Ask Michael Vick how successful that line was.

6.  Jeremiah Trotter

Forget the Thrash and Pinkston for a second.  Remember how the Eagles run defense struggled after the let the Axe Man leave for the Redskins.  In 2002, they failed rotating Levon Kirkland and Barry Gardner.  In 2003, Mark Simoneau got destroyed trying to stop Deshaun Foster on his TD run in the NFC Championship. Trotter was brought back and begun the season backing up Simoneau.  It took a mid season thrashing in Pittsburgh in which the Steelers ran for 252 yds for Jimmy Johnson to start Trotter in the middle.  After starting only the second half of the season (sitting the final two games) Trotter STILL made the Pro Bowl.  Now that’s what I call impact!

7.The leagues best secondary

Many people questioned the Eagles drafting three defensive backs early in the 2002 draft when they already had Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor dominating the backfield.  More questioned the Birds allowing both to leave via free agency after the 2003 season, opening doors for Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown to start.  The two corners, along with safeties Brian Dawkins and Michael Lewis, formed a dominating quartet that produced three Pro Bowlers (Sheldon Brown should’ve made it too).


With those pieces in place, the Eagles could’ve reached the Super Bowl without the star wideout(technically they did if you only look at playoff games).  T.O.  just made it look that much easier, especially when you look at how weak the NFC truly was that season.

I Expect More From the 2008 Acquisitions in 2009

Published: May 4, 2009

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There have been quite a few topics regarding the Eagles this 2009 offseason.

There have been some good things and some bad things. 

Regardless, the guys in green always dominate the sports headlines in Philadelphia.

The departures of Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas.

The signings of Stacy Andrews and Leonard Weaver.

The trading away of Lito Shepard and Greg Lewis.

The trades for Jason Peters and Ellis Hobbs.

The drafting of Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy.

The Eagles offseason has seemed to generate as many headlines as the regular season has.

In the mist of all of this, one topic seems to have been forgotten.  It may be just as much a key to the 2009 season as any of the above topics. 

That topic would be the 2008 acquisitions.

Two guys that came in last year had a huge impact on the team from the beginning. 

Veteran cornerback Asante Samuel showed why the Eagles paid top dollar to bring him in with a Pro Bowl season. 

Rookie DeSean Jackson took advantage of early injuries to Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown and ended up being one of the most productive rookies in Eagles history.

We know what Samuel and Jackson can do and hope they improve in their second year as Philadelphia Eagles.  The bigger focus is on the other 10 guys who didn’t have as much of an impact on the 2008 season.


Quintin Demps-S

The 2008 fourth round draft pick was productive last year as a kick returner, but, now that Dawkins is gone, the question is can he take over?

According to defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, Demps is currently the starter. He’s going to have to work very hard to keep it, because Sean Jones could very well take it away. 

If he plays like the ball hawk scouts say he is, Demps will likely start and help ease the continuous pain of Dawkins departure.

Trevor Laws-DT

Last year’s first pick (after trading out of the first round) wasn’t a glaring disappointment. 

But, I expect him to be a bigger part of the rotation with fellow tackles Broderick Bunkley and Mike Patterson.  As a second round pick, I know he has talent. 

Bryan Smith-DE

There were a lot of questions about why the Eagles would draft a 230 lb defensive end out of a smaller school (McNeese St.). 

Smith had a slow start in training camp and ended up not playing one down his rookie season.  After a year of playbook reading and bulking up (I believe he’s up to 245-250 lbs now), Smith should be ready to contribute.

Mike McGlynn-G/T

A fourth round pick out of Pittsburgh, McGlynn played three games last year as a reserve. Known for his mean streak and versatility, McGlynn should be a very reliable backup on the offensive line.

Jack Ikegwonu-CB

The Eagles drafted Ikegwonu in the fourth round last year knowing he wasn’t going to be available until 2009. 

He suffered a new injury while preparing for the combine. 

The Eagles took him because, before his injury, he was a first round prospect.  We shall see what he can bring to the table in training camp.

Joe Mays-LB

Mays is a hard hitting backup at middle linebacker.

While he has good instincts and should contribute on special teams, there’s no way this 2008 sixth rounder takes the starting spot from Stewart Bradley.

Mike Gibson-G

Gibson spent last year on injured reserve due to a listed shoulder injury. 

This year, with 15 offensive linemen on roster going into training camp, Gibson is going to have his work cut out for him to make the final roster because the Eagles will only keep 10. 

I doubt he’ll be on IR two years in a row.

King Dunlap-OT

The seventh round pick from Auburn spent last year on IR with Gibson. Though Dunlap was said to have first round talent, he lost his starting spot his senior year…hurting his value. 

It’s up to him if he wants to make the team as Jason Peters’ backup.

Shaheer McBride-WR

McBride spent last year on the practice squad and has shown plenty of potential.  With this year’s acquisitions, I doubt if he makes the team.

Chris Clemons-DE

Clemons was the other big free agent pickup besides Samuel.  After a rough start of training camp with dehydration, Clemons had trouble catching up and didn’t get on the field much at the beginning of the season. 

He started to pick things up toward the end and finished with that memorable fumble return against the Cowboys.  Let’s hope that translates into more production in 2009.


Who Won’t Be a Philadelphia Eagle By September?

Published: May 3, 2009

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The NFL offseason is essentially over with mini-camps in session, but the current rosters are far from the completed edition. For starters each team at the time has between 80 to 85 players on their roster and that has to be trimmed down to 53.

The objective is to have the best team assembled, but we all know talent isn’t the only factor in decision making. The Philadelphia Eagles are no exception to this. For various reasons, there are going to be veterans that get shown the door. Whether they entered this season in the coaches doghouse or an undrafted rookie shocks everyone earns a spot, it’s bound to happen.

There are also players who made still hold value but are better with another team and/or the Eagles can get someone better in return via trade.
Who the Eagles decided to move on with out remains to be seen, but I have an idea of who better bring their “A” game and more if they want to remain in midnight green.

Evaluating The Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Part III: Undrafted Rookies

Published: May 1, 2009

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After the NFL draft every year, fans and media alike like to take their time to evaluate the selections.  Whether it’s their favorite team or the entire team, it’s every sports fanatic’s goal to access their teams potential.

While I’m one of hundreds who have expressed their opinion about the Eagles highly successful draft, the climatic last weekend in April is far from the only part of the offseason(which begins after the last game).

Now that the offseason is unofficially coming to an end, I’d like to evaluate and focus on the other segments that will help shape the roster that travels to Lehigh in late July


Part III: Undrafted Rookies

This may be the most underrated process of assembling a team.  But, you can never overlook the possibilities of any player that a team acquires. While chances are slim for undrafted rookies making a team there are numerous exceptions. 

Jason Peters, Quinten Mikell, Jamaal Jackson and Leonard Weaver were all undrafted.  At the same time, all are expected to start for the Eagles in 2009.


Josh Gaines-DE

The Eagles acquired two speed rushers last year in Bryan Smith and Chris Clemons, giving Jim Johnson pretty of “fastballs”. The problem was, when Victor Abiamiri went down at the beginning of training camp, the Eagles didn’t have much size on the edge of the D-Line to contend with running plays. 

The 6’1″, 274 Gaines adds more size to help on 1st and 2nd downs.

Will he make the final roster?: Very Likely.


Reshard Langford-SS

The Eagles lost Brian Dawkins and Sean Considine to free agency and seemed to be holding an open house for the safety positions ever since. Langford is a hard hitting, in the box safety similar to ex-Cowboy Roy Williams. 

Special teams play is what ultimately will decide if he makes the team. 

Will he make the final roster?:Unlikely. His biggest competition is FA pickup Rashad Baker who has special teams experience.


Marcus Mailei-FB

At 6’0″, 255 lbs Mailei is more solid and fit than the fullbacks on the team last year.  He’s a good receiver out of the back field and a formidable blocker.  The only knock against him so far is he came along after Leonard Weaver. 

Will he make the final roster?: Not in 2009.  See, Weaver is only signed for a year and it’s not guaranteed that he’ll be an Eagle afterwards. 

Mailei could be the fullback in the future, but barring injury he’ll find himself on the practice squad in September.


Walter Mendenhall-HB

Many Eagles fans can’t understand why they didn’t draft Rashad Jennings when they had a chance and I’m one of them. I think a bigger, more powerful back is needed for a change of pace. 

More so, they’re needed when it’s time to pick up those tough yards with the game on the line, especially in post Thanksgiving games. During the birds’ 2004 run to a Super Bowl appearance, people forget about key plays made by an underated veteran named Dorsey Levens. 

Mendenhall can be that guy, especially if he shows he can catch and block. 

Will he make the final roster?: Very Likely.  If he’s determinded enough and shows flashes of talent similar to his brother Rashard(Pittsburgh Steelers), Mendenhall shouldn’t have any problems maker the team, helping the Eagles ridding themselves of unnecessary presence of Lorenzo Booker.


Dallas Reynolds-G/C

The acquisition of Reynolds actually puts more pressure on Jamaal Jackson and Nick Cole in the middle of the offensive line.  Center is considered the weakest link on the O-line at this time. 

If Jackson and/or Cole don’t produce in the preseason up to Reid andCo.’s standards, one of them may be presented their walking players opening up room for Reynolds. 

Will he make the final roster?: Very likely. I strongly believe that he will. Jackson disappointed coaches with his play for the second strait year. 

If he doesn’t step up and play the way he’s capable, Donovan McNabb may take his snaps from someone else.


Brandon Robinson-WR

Robinson’s main attribute is in the return game.  With all of the other players the Eagles have with the same skill bringing more to the table, it’ll take either a miracle or an unfortunate incident with someone else for him to make it past the preseason. 

Will he make the final roster?: Very unlikely


Courtney Robinson-CB

The defensive Robinson has skills that would fit perfectly with Jim Johnson’s style of defense.  That said, the numerous defensive backs picked ahead of him will make it hard for him to fit on the roster in 2009. 

Will he make the final roster?: Very unlikely. He’s destined for the practice squad at this point.


Sam Swank-K

David Akers has had his struggles lately, but Swank is nothing close to a qualified replacement.  He was 64% in field goal percentage last year.  Even if you look at his junior year(85%), you have to figure that Wake Forest probably has nowhere near the wind factor Lincoln Financial Field has.

Will he make the final roster?:  Very, very unlikely. Swank’s solely here to help ensure Akers and Rocca have as fresh as possible legs for the regular season.


Marcus Thigpen-HB/WR

Thigpen was listed as a running back, but the Eagles roster has him listed as a wide receiver with No. 13. Considering that with his size(5’9″, 193 lbs), he’s only here as a return specialist. 

Will he make the final roster?: Very unlikely. Too many return specialists ahead of him.


Overall: If a total of five players (3 active; 2 practice squad) out of nine stay with the organization, that would speak volumes about the scoutings staff’s work this year.

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