“T Gonna Land on His Feet”: The Terell Owens Circus Goes Late Night.

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Published: July 21, 2009

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... one, he flies in a personal motivational squad to console him after losing a job that pays more than what most families make in ten years.  Two, his emotional state is as stable as Glenn Frey and Don Henley's relationship.  Three, he fancies Asian real estate agents. 

So basically, two things we already knew and one we're not sure we wanted to.

Still, the VH1 "celebreality" show offers us a glimpse, albeit a seemingly calculated glimpse, into the mind of one of the most perplexing sports figures of the last twenty years. 

Love him or hate him, he's still the source of many bar arguments and the Skip Bayless heart attacks.  And isn't that what sports is really all about?

What other receivers in the NFL could possibly do this?  Chad Ochocinco would ham it up so hard he'd make A Rod's iron-on personality look like the picture of authenticity. 

Is TO forcing it on the show?  Of course.  But what else can...

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