Primate Linebackers In the Draft


Published: April 21, 2009


... and all are non-drinkers.  If this is factually wrong, hey, it I'm not pretending I know.  I leave that pretending to E!spn.

Brian Arakpo, Jayon Belcher, Cody Brown, and Larry English in a bar talking about being interviewed by the Patriots.

"Did you guys get that question?" asked Arakpo.

"You mean when Belichick asked, 'If you are in a room with a gorilla with three bananas, a chimp with a stick, and an orangutan which primate could make the transition to a 3-4 outside linebacker best?'"

"Yeah," said Arakpo.  "That was weird.  I said gorilla because he's strong and well fed." 

"Really?" said Jayon Belcher.  "I said the chimp because since he has tool, he is showing some intelligence."

"I said the orangutan," said Cody Brown, "because the long arms could help him in coverage.  You know, he is beat by a tight end, but still can reach out to the pass."

"Well I guess I'm the top DE/OLB of the Patriot...

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