Oakland Raiders: Watch, Fight and Prey

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Published: September 26, 2009

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... am going to counter an argument, right now. One article was on the front page of B/R for a hot minute. By the time I finished this opposite opinion, it was not there. It predicted a loss, 20-6. I have an opposing opinion.

We are going to watch, fight and prey, and I do mean "prey."

There will not be a margin of defeat. There will be victories.


It's simple.

We are going to watch, fight and prey on the Broncos. We are going to be victorious in transforming our state of mind. We are going to think "victory" and we are going to have "victories."

Are you telling me you believe that the Broncos are going to come to Oakland and kick our butts? I don't think so.

The Oakland Raiders are the aggressors. They are going to "prey on" the Broncos and bring them down, to defeat them.

I know there is fierce rivalry between Oakland and the Broncos. But, where are we playing this week? In our house.

Are you telling me you are goin...

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