Denver Broncos on Draft Day: New England BrainTrust Edition


Published: April 21, 2009


... the Chargers and the Raiders take turns abusing our 3-4 with their running backs. Tom Cable has no problem calling plays like '60s era Vince Lombardi, and he is going to win a lot of games as a coach that way.

We have the personnel better suited for a 4-3 but the New England braintrust will insist on running a 3-4 anyway, because instead of McDaniels actually evaluating or coaching his roster, he'd rather sack them all, and try to create his own New England Patriots team.

We have the draft picks since we traded away our young franchise quarterback which my therapist advised me not to talk about anymore, mostly because I couldn't pay him enough to care about it. So how do we make it work on defense?

There's two ways to look at the draft. Do you swing for the fences and trade your high draft picks to impact players, or do you go for value and rebuild through the draft? They could go for disgruntled linemen like Julius Peppers, Shaun Rogers, or Darnell Dockett w...

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