Dear Mike Mitchell: You Are The Last Line Of Defense


Published: April 29, 2009


... known as a safety, a position for the most savage players on the football field. You are the last player between the other teams offense and the endzone.

To play safety, you must have great range with the ability to see the whole field. You must be a student of the game always watching videotape on opponents quarterbacks, you are the eyes of the defense, nothing gets past you, you must be able to stop the run when needed, as well to cover man on man, you are the vocal leader on the field.

Your hits must strike fear in opponents to the point were they hear your foot steps. Your hits are like thunder coming from the sky. Quarterbacks who throw balls over the middle of the field will pay. Helmets will be cracked, bones will be broken, chin straps will be knocked off. Players will be hurt.

Show no mercy. You are a play maker, you force fumbles, intercept passes, stuff the run. It's not a game, this is your ...

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