Dallas QB Tony Romo Calls Giant RB Brandon Jacobs A Poopyhead (Satire)

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Published: July 12, 2009

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... "not that good" and that "he's not that effective," the Cowboy signal caller retaliated by referring to Jacobs as a "poopyhead" and a "big fat underwear breath" on Romo's Facebook page.

"It's not just me saying it, either," said Romo in follow up comments on his bi-weekly blog. "Everybody in the NFL knows it."

When alerted to the comments while at a Slip-n-Slide party with some of his friends, Jacobs tweeted his fan base that Romo was a "smelly arm-pit" and that the Dallas captain could "go eat worms with the girls" for all Jacobs cared. 

Romo, who in turn found out about his rivals' responses through a phone call from his girlfriend Jessica, sent a text message to his whole circle that stated "BJ 182 GTH."

The incident almost reached climactic proportions when friends of Jacobs ran into friends of Romo at a White Castle Restaurant and told them that Jacobs wanted to fight Romo. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who happened to be treating ...

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