Your Salary Is Capped: Why Professional Sports Players Are Overpaid


Published: July 11, 2009

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... foot, golf, or otherwise related, the players are paid too much.

Now, when someone sees an NFL player getting paid less than $1,000,000 per year, they say "wow, he's getting screwed."

It never should have come to this. The money and commercialized culture of sports will be the death of the selfless athlete.

Remember when all an athlete needed to be happy was a ring, trophy, or medal?

Neither do I.

I do, however, remember the days of players whining about their lack of income, players being traded to teams where they have no use, just to earn that extra million.

I mean look at NCAA Football or Basketball. The players are seen as gods by their classmates. When they bring back a win, or better yet a trophy, the school pulsates with pride and triumph. Their fans are their peers, and their peers are their fans. It works flawlessly.

And then we get to the pro's, the Big Leagues. And it's all about money. Ticket prices are high, advertising ...

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