You Know What? I Like DHB In Silver and Black…and Mike Mitchell!


Published: April 25, 2009


... a death threat to mail in to Al Davis. I wrote a quick little snippet article questioning his tactics.

But when I heard the conference call with DHB and the Cable Guy soon after, I instantly fell in love with the guy (no homo).

I would rather have a guy who wants to be there, and wants to do everything in his ability to make this franchise a playoff contender, instead of a Michael Crabtree who doesn't want to be a Real Raider, who has a diva attitude, who mutters "whew" when passed on.

I'm glad we passed on this second coming of a T.O., this new and improved cancer.

Michael Crabtree was passed on by the Cleveland Browns, isn't it interesting that they drafted two WRs rather than taking this so-called "special player."

I feel ashamed that I was a long time advocate of this Michael Crabtree. I say good riddance to the man who possibly could and would have destroyed an already dismal locker room morale!

And when you look at...

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