With New Rule Changes, NFL Continues to Get Marshmallow Soft

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Published: March 26, 2009


... this season, no more than two players will be able to form a "wedge" when returning a kickoff. Isn’t a wedge a triangular shape? NFL teams have been effectively using the wedge on kickoffs for decades, but that is no more.

This rule change kind of baffles me. The committee thought the wedge was causing too many injuries. How? Show me some tape or give me a thorough explanation for this change.

Similar to this, the league essentially gives no hope for recovering an onside kick. No more bunching players. At least four players of the kickoff team must be on each side of the kicker. Furthermore, at least three players must be lined up outside each inbounds line, as well as one who is required be outside the yardline number.

It was already difficult to recover an onside kick, and now it’s nearly impossible. Another rule also stipulates that if the team kicking the ball makes a mistake—say, the ball doesn't go 10...

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