With New Perspective, I Bid Bleacher Report…Hello, Again

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Published: July 16, 2009

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... and new hope for some, and for others a new perspective or new inspiration.

I will save you from the entirety of my metaphor. As I make my return to writing somewhat regularly in the Denver Broncos community here on Bleacher Report, I do feel that I have gained some perspective on the value of this community.

Sports are undoubtedly a major part of my life. Besides school, family, and other relationships, playing, watching, and talking about sports is one of the main things that keeps me "going."

Before my "sabbatical" from B/R, I was one of the more active writers in the Broncos community, which I believe is the best in the NFL and here on the site. However, eventually life began to get in the way, and I "burned out" much of my inspiration to write.

I took some time off, and after awhile I began to really miss it.

Bleacher Report provides a place where true sports fans can talk about the teams they love, with both their fellow fanatics and with me...

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