Will The Washington Redskins Draft Mark Sanchez?

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Published: April 17, 2009


... 13th selection seems less and less likely.  After failing to land Jay Cutler in a blockbuster trade, the question remains, who do the Redskins see as their future franchise quarterback? 

As current projections see Sanchez being selected, at the latest, in the number ten spot by San Fransisco, does it make sense to trade up to take him?

The last time Washington traded up was to pick Jason Campbell, which along with other decisions have made their draft choices thin. 

Draft pics are usually a crap shoot as to how a player will turn out, so trading them for a proven player in his prime is a reasonable option.  The question is, does Washington think Sanchez would be a sure thing.  My guess is no. 

First round quarterbacks tend to be a fifty-fifty proposition, and unless the Redskins feel Campbell or Colt Brennan will not be a viable option for the team in two years, they should only draft Sanchez if he falls to 13.


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