Will Detroit Lions Be Blitz-Happy?

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Published: July 15, 2009

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... of the team's defensive plays in the coming season. This is very troubling for any number of reasons.

The first being if the Lions are going to blitz this much, it seems that opposing Offensive Coordinators will have an easy time picking apart the weak Lions secondary. More than that though, the Lions are not good enough to blitz this much.

Think about it, who is going to blitz? Is Cunningham going to use one of his linebackers to blitz? The Linebacker corps may be the only strength on this defense and Cunningham is going to use one of them to go all blitz happy. Does that make any sense?

Call Cunningham a Defensive genius if you want, but this guy hasn't been good since a guy named Clinton was our President. Since 2004 he has been the head of a no name defense in KC and has done nothing with it.

Last year with his blitz happy scheme the Chiefs managed only 10 sacks for the year. Along the way giving up 393 yards per game, and 27.5 points per game...

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