Why Winning the Super Bowl Is Overrated

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Published: March 30, 2009


... Bowl is. I know that in sports the emphasis is always placed on winning championships, but I think in the NFL there is far too much emphasis placed on the Super Bowl. Placing all the importance on the postseason tournament isn’t going to give you the best team when there is a one-and-done format like the NFL's.

Because of the playoff system winning the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you’re the best team, it just means you got hot, or lucky, at the right time. Teams can put on tremendous performances all season, loose one game, and all of a sudden they're not the best team in the NFL.

Obvious case in point here would be the 2007 Patriots; it’s hard for me to believe that many people really felt that the Giants winning the Super Bowl meant New York had the best team that season. The Giants were the Super Bowl champs that year, but there was no question that the Patriots were the NFL’s best team.

I don’t think that this was the only ...

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