Why Tom Brady IS a Dirtbag

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Published: April 15, 2009


... That's what any normal person would think about a "guy" who abandons the mother of his son.

I do not accept to any degree that Brady is actually a "good" dad. 

How can I know?  It's enough information, just by knowing that Brady would abandon the mother of his son for a celebrity floozy. 

Yet, the media laps it up as if Brady is some kind of god, for trading the mother of his son for the model-of-the-week. 

And I say, it's time for us to call them for what they are — impostors.  To be clear, I refer to the letters M.P.O.S. — that stands for miserable pieces of s*i**.


Brady is a rolling stone, wherever he lays his hat, is his home...


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