Why The Vikings Have No Shot at a Superbowl

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Published: March 30, 2009


... McDaniel, and Joey Browner. Although exciting they were never able to put everything together and win the 'big one'. In 1998 it looked as though they were going to pull it off, but if you've been a Vikings fan long enough you know a little something about disappointment.

So how do I KNOW the Vikings have no shot at a Super Bowl? Two names: Tarvaris Jackson and Brad Childress.

Tarvaris Jackson is awful and if you think differently you need to watch some other quarterbacks in the league. T-Jack made somewhere in the neighborhood of two "pressure" throws last year and it's sad that I remember that.

The reason I remember that is that I practically soiled myself when he made the throws. Does anyone really think Tarvaris could lead the Vikings down the field the way Big Ben did in the Super Bowl? If you said yes, please put down the pipe.

No team in the history of the NFL has won a Super Bowl with a quarterback who is as bad as T-Jack. It's never happened so ...

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