Why the Raiders Don’t Need Crabtree

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Published: March 16, 2009


... Last year, McFadden this, McFadden that: “He’s gonna be great,” “He could really help the Oakland offense,” were a few of the things said.

This season? More of the same: “Michael Crabtree is the next Larry Fitzgerald,” “Michael Crabtree can help the Raiders' offense”.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Quick question, though: If McFadden was supposed to help the offense so much, why didn’t he? Why, then, should we expect Crabtree to deliver?

Taking wide receivers is a very risky thing to do, especially in the first round. Have a discussion with people you know, and they’ll throw some nice names out, like Braylon Edwards, Reggie Wayne, and Jerry Rice to name a few. But I would bet they haven’t heard of names like Kevin Dyson, Yatil Green, and Reidel Anthony. They all have something in common, though: They were all first round picks in the NFL draft at the wide receiver...

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