Why the Oakland Raiders Might Turn Some Heads This Year

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Published: July 12, 2009

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... overdue. The Oakland Raiders are one of the best franchise's, historically, ever in any sport or league. I have never seen a team more loved by it's fans, and hated by every other team's fans no matter how down and out they may be. People hate on them to this day despite the fact that they have been stinking up the league for six straight seasons. With that being said, it is my honest opinion that... This is the year that they turn that corner and get back to being the Raiders we remember from all those years ago. This team may gonna be the closest thing to the 70's style-gritty, dirty, nasty, physical, and just plain mean-Raiders we may ever see again. Great coaches are in place. Six years of early-in-round picks have this team booming with talent, and head coach Tom Cable has them believing in what he is preaching. What is he preaching? "WIN TODAY" Don't worry about tomorrow, and forget about yesterday, "just win today." It's shear brilliance if I've ever heard it, and it'...

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