Why The Lions Should Not Draft Matthew Stafford

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Published: March 15, 2009


... we all know, the Detroit Lions have the first pick of the NFL Draft after having one of the worst seasons in NFL History.

With the first pick of the draft it would be horrendous to pick Stafford or any other quarterback in this year's draft. This is one of the worst recent draft classes for QBs.

The Lions cannot draft a quarterback when they have a horrible offensive line. The O-line is one of the biggest things they need to work on.

A strong offensive line stops the quarterback from being sacked, rushing plays, and throwing interceptions.

That is why I suggest that the Detroit Lions should draft Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.

Yes, I know, "Offensive line? We need a QB!"

Well, sorry to tell you, but a great QB being rushed all the time leads to bad decisions and injuries.

Know why Brady and Manning are two of the best QB's in the game? They have skill, yes, but they also have good offensive lines.

This is why they hardly ever ...

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