Why the Detroit Lions Shouldn’t Draft Matthew Stafford

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Published: April 6, 2009


... No. 1 pick in the draft. I am hoping that somehow that doesn't happen. It is not that I dislike Stafford, I think he can be very good. However, I don't think he will be good in Detroit.

Here is why. He will have no protection. If a team is 0-16, that means the O-line is terrible. So far I have yet to see them do anything to address it unless there have been signings I am unaware of.

He also has one proven weapon in Calvin Johnson. Kevin Smith can still be good, but he has so far shown very little. 

Therefore the team will struggle again and Stafford would likely be in by about Week Four. I truly believe that putting a quarterback in before he is ready will destroy him. That has happened.

Yes, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco started as rookies, but here is the difference. Both of those teams had really good defenses and a solid running game. Detroit has neither. Ryan and Flacco did look great at times, but make no mistake of it.

They both made rookie ...

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