Why I Believe In Brady Quinn

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Published: April 10, 2009


... for Brady Quinn instead of taking Matthew Stafford with the first pick. I provided my reasons and the comment thread that followed was interesting.

I was told that I have a man crush on Brady Quinn. There is some truth to that. I like this kid and I like him a lot.

About six years ago I was watching a Notre Dame game. I never miss one no matter what.

Second year coach Tyrone Willingham was trying to implement a west coast offense at Notre Dame. His quarterback, Carlyle Holiday, was not built for a west coast offense and was really struggling. This young freshman enters.

At first, I thought oh great another pretty boy quarterback. Then he engineers a scoring drive. I think he may be okay. The rest of that day he struggled. He also struggled for the rest of that year.

Then his sophomore season comes and he really has an up and down year. He looked really good at times and not so good at others. He takes the team to the Insight Bowl. Willingham was fire...

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