Why Football Fans Pick The Teams They Do

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Published: March 17, 2009


... write this article to explain how a football fan forms that bond with a team. In my experience, I have found that fans fall into three categories.

First off, there is the fan that was born into liking a team, be it a granddad or father figure rooting for a team and bringing his grandson or son along to enjoy some male bonding. The experience showed the li'l one the father's love of the great game of football and proved that testosterone is alive and well in the household.

These fans are the ones that have a history of either going to all the home games, or having a ritual at home on Sundays where the guys, young and old, sit around the living room watching their team play and taking credit for all the great things that happen during the games.

They bond together, they scream at the TV together and eat all the game food put down in front of them, knowing that this ritual will be repeated every Sunday until the Super Bowl. These are lifelong, true-...

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