Why Denver Fans Trashing Jay Cutler is Hypocricy

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Published: April 4, 2009


... on hate about a professional athlete they've never met, but this is also, and perhaps most specifically, pointed at media individuals like ESPN's Mark Schlereth.

Any and all objectivity in regards to the words "loyalty" and "trust" have been thrown out the window since the implosion of the Denver offense a few weeks ago, with talking heads like Schlereth leading the charge.

Schlereth has been heard repeatedly saying that "his Denver Broncos" aren't self-centered, selfish and all about me, me, me. In fact, how dare Cutler hold his ability as a bargaining chip against a team that treated him poorly?

Schlereth has gone as far as to say that Cutler lacks the leadership skills of his quarterback, John Elway.

(Brief interjection before Denver fans jump down my throat for trashing them and the history of their franchise: I am a Bears fan that owns an authentic John Elway jersey and firmly believes that Elway is he best quarterback to every play the ...

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