Why Bill Belichick Is a Hall of Famer

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Published: March 19, 2009


... who have best contributed to the game are enshrined in.

We all know that be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame you must have had a very decorated career as a player or as a coach.

With that in mind is Bill Belichick a Hall of Famer?

The first thing many of you thought when you read my question was Spygate. You thought how can a “cheater” be inducted in the most exalted and renowned honor that the NFL has to offer.

Many may say that what Belichick did from 2000-2006 is tainted because of Spygate. They say that the “scandal” help Belichick on winning many of those games and championships. 

Many failed to do extensive research on the subject and immediately blurt out what they heard from ESPN or other prod casters.

If we set Spygate aside and look at his accomplishments you’ll realize that Bill Belichick is truly a Hall of Famer.

Few coaches in the history of the National Football League has acc...

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