Why Bart Starr Is Underrated

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Published: March 29, 2009


... play, however, many of us fail to learn about the players of the past.

I was recently at a sports bar and I overheard a conversation about the greatest quarterbacks of all time. As a lifelong NFL fan, I decided to participate in the conversation. When I heard their list, I was shocked. Nowhere in their list did I hear the name Bart Starr.

After realizing this I asked them, “Why isn’t Bart Starr in any of your lists? Clearly, he was one of the all time greats that played this game.”

Their answer was “he had Hall of Fame talent all around him, besides, his stats weren’t even that good.”

I excused myself from the table as soon as I heard the ludicrous statement.

Many NFL fans today, fail to have knowledge on the history of this eminent game. Many fail to do extensive research and adhere to their colleagues', friends', or families' accepted beliefs.

They fail to realize that Starr has achieved more success in th...

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