Who Will Be The 2009 NFL Draft’s Star Holdout?

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Published: April 13, 2009


... shows no signs of going away and every sign of getting worse—draft picks holding out for more millions on top of guaranteed money. Every year you read or hear about some kid with a hugely inflated sense of self-worth basically extorting a team that in most cases has already made him a millionaire without playing one second of professional sports.

Worse, the teams let the players—or, more to the point, their agents—hold them hostage.

Every time I see this I swear that I’m going to go in to my boss and say, “You know, I’m gonna be awesome, why don’t you just pay me like I already am?”

Since no major league baseball player immediately starts in the big leagues it’s less of an issue (although holdouts there are far from unknown), but football and basketball? Stop the freaking madness.

Playing sports is a job, and if you’re going to give someone tens of millions of dollars before he even sets fo...

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