Who the No. 1 NFL Draft Pick Should Draft for Their Girlfriend

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Published: April 27, 2009


... number one pick, but a QB no less. A position that carries even more responsibility and each decision he makes weighs heavily on his teammates, coaches and fans. Matt is aware of his circumstances and I feel he is ready to meet almost all of the coming challenges. The one challenge that he may have over looked is who he should draft to be by his side during what will most likely be his roughest season. Who should be drafted as Matt Stafford’s new number 1 draft pick girlfriend! All the big QB’s in the league have a headliner. Romo has Jessica, Brady has Gisele who will Stafford be paired with? The most important position on a team is the QB’s GF, who will be drafted as Matt Stafford’s new main squeeze? Let’s take a look at the board. ...

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