Who Drives NFL Passing Success? The QB or the WR?

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Published: April 22, 2009


... a number of members of the Chicago print media—have cried, "It doesn't matter—he still has no wide receivers to throw to!"  Many Denver Bronco enthusiasts have made statements in a similar vein, amounting to, "Cutler is a crybaby and he was made by his receivers, Marshall and Royal!"

It's the re-packaged age-old debate about the chicken or the egg—which comes first?  Do you need a strong QB to have passing success, and can that QB make the wide receivers better, or do you have to have good wide receivers regardless of the level of talent of the QB?

There's no way to definitively answer that question—although the passing performance of the 2009 versions of the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos will be as close to a perfect laboratory for answering this question as you will ever find.

For those impatient folks who want to get an idea of what will happen this year, looking at some history can be instructi...

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