Which Teams Draft Best in the First Round?

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Published: April 19, 2009


... class="MsoNormal" >Recently, I saw an article on the web in which the author assigned grades to each NFL team for its drafting prowess. The article was effective for what the author was trying to do (even if he did give my favorite team a D). 


He used objective measures such as number of starters and number of Pro Bowl players that came out of each team’s total draft. However, the earliest draft the analysis was based on was 2003, which meant that some of the players on whom he based his grades had been in the league for only a year or two.


One or two years after the draft is too early to fairly grade most NFL draft picks. Many players, especially quarterbacks and wide receivers need a few years to make the adjustment from college to the pros. Others start off looking great only to fall flat due to injury, character flaws, or merely bein...

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