Where Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez Should Go: St. Louis and Seattle

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Published: April 11, 2009


... biggest stories. This year's top two signal callers are Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez.

All the speculation is that Stafford will go with the first pick to the Detroit Lions and Sanchez will not be far behind.

As a lifelong fan of the Detroit Lions, I am hoping against hope that they do not take Stafford. It isn't that I don't want him, it is just that I don't think it is good for him or the Lions.

They were 0-16 for a reason. You put a kid fresh out of college on the worst NFL team and expect him to turn the team around. It doesn't work like that. If you study it, there are way more Ryan Leaf's than Peyton Manning's.

The worst teams in the league generally don't have quality QBs and force their kid in way before they are ready. In the end, the kid never lives up to the hype because they are not properly prepared.

Quarterback is a position that is different from others. You have to be a leader on the field. A QB should know that playbo...

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