When Does The Dream Die?

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Published: April 29, 2009


... think I was about seven years old when I finally realized that my mom saying I “could do anything I wanted to, in life, if I put my mind to it” didn’t exactly include me being able to fly like Superman.

Hundreds of hours spent thrusting my arms in the air and jumping off the top rail of our deck was all for not. My longest flight ever was clocked at under three seconds.

I can even remember asking my dad what he would do if I flew straight up in the house and busted out through the roof into the open blue sky ala the “Man of Steel”.

He replied, without blinking an eye, “make you fix the roof”.

Eventually reality sets in. Eventually the dream died.

Unfortunately everything in life dies. It’s a certainty we don’t even question, for life that is. But dreams have a way of holding on a lot longer tha...

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