What Were The Seahawks Thinking?

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Published: March 14, 2009


... about.

It is about Julian Peterson being traded to the Detroit Lions.

Say that your favorite team is a newly formed expansion franchise and you have a choice between a great, dominant linebacker that has been to the Pro Bowl for three straight years, has never missed a game for his team, has registered 24.5 sacks in those three years despite being double teamed just about every game, has three picks in that time, has forced nine fumbles in that time including eight the past two years, has recovered 14 in that span and has racked up 200+ tackles the past three years and;

An average defensive tackle who has had 122 tackles the past three years, 16 sacks in that span including just eight the past two years and has forced just two fumbles and recovered just three. 

Who would you pick?

If you don't have mental problems you would pick Peterson right? 

Peterson is (was) a great player on a team that led the league in injuries the past tw...

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