What Jay Cutler Offer Could Get the Broncos to Make the Trade?

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Published: March 17, 2009


... said I'm through with Denver and Josh McDaniels—get me outta here NOW! 

Sad, sad day...

After that, the obvious question became would Denver see his request through and ship him off to pass for 4,000 yards somewhere else? According to the hierarchy in Denver, that is a resounding NO.

But let's speculate, shall we? What trade could possibly get McDaniels and Pat Bowlen's mouths salivating enough to let go the huge fan favorite Jay Cutler...who by the way has had the highest jersey sales of any Bronco since halfway through his rookie season (bye bye money)...?

This is what I think...it's a bit crazy, but follow me

Bowlen must be steamed at his young quarterback, so why not send him to the career killer? DETROIT. They hold the first overall and 20th overall draft picks. But to be frank, I don't think the two of those are worth Cutler.

The only person I could see being added to those two picks that could get sent ...

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