What If…Ben Roethlisberger Hadn’t Survived His Motorcycle Accident?

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Published: April 17, 2009


... around 11:00 am in June of 2006. This is a new series I am starting that will analyze what coulda woulda shoulda happened.

If Ben Roethlisberger had had complications, or worse, the organization would be different—completely different.

Roethlisberger was not wearing his helmet and the accident left him in pain and caused many facial wounds. Ben could have died that day. If he hadn't been able to play another snap in the NFL, we may not be Sixburgh fans.

The first thing that would have happened is the organization would have been devastated. There would have been memorials, probably a patch on their jerseys, and emotions that the players would not have been able to control.

The first change that would have happened is that Charlie Batch would've become the starting quarterback. Batch has shown that he can play football, but is injury-prone. The Steelers probably would have gone 8-8, but have had two or three quarterbacks start.

Cowher woul...

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