What Holes? Chicago Bears’ Offense Has Potential to Be Very Good

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Published: April 3, 2009


... plentiful. As usual with professional football fans, everyone has an opinion. Some have insightful opinions, some don’t. But the bottom line here is that the Bears’ offense is better.

But the offense is not better simply because of the addition of Jay Cutler. The offense is also better because of the addition of OT Orlando Pace. It's better this year because up to six of the offense’s primary weapons have been seasoned a year more, yet still have the fortune of youth. Dare I say this offense has the potential to be (gasp!) very good?

Don’t believe me? Let’s think about it.

Throughout the media, much has been made about what we will see out of the Bears' offense in 2009 in comparison to the Broncos’ offense last year. Critics say that Cutler will not have the type of production this year because the players around him are not of the same caliber.

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