What Exactly Does Mel Kiper Do the Day Before the NFL Draft?

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Published: April 23, 2009


... watching real NFL action during the spring.  We've been through weeks of mock drafts now, but we only know two things for certain:  the Bengals will blow their first pick and ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. will be there every step of the way.

Tomorrow's Kiper's Christmas, and he knows Santa's going to be generous with the mousse.  Kiper's been studying game film for months, and now he's ready to dissect every player and every pick over the course of the two-day draft.  Will his blustery rhetoric be accurate?  Who knows?  The beauty of Mel Kiper is that he doesn't need to be right as long as he's loud. 

When your entire existence revolves around one weekend a year, though, how do you prepare for it?  What does Kiper do to get in the zone the day before the draft?  Luckily, after years of in-depth study, millions in payments to private investigators, and several restraining orders, we can finally reveal exactly how Mel Kip...

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