Welcome To Tampa: Ex-Steeler Byron Leftwich Gets Chance at Redemption

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Published: April 13, 2009


... in the minority on this, but I believe that Byron Leftwich did not deserve to be tossed out of Jacksonville. I truly believe that.

Statistics don't lie, and typically, neither do I.

Since 2003, Leftwich has played for three NFL teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Atlanta Falcons, and last year, tossed into the heat of midseason-action, he performed admirably for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now he's headed to Tampa Bay, where he is going to get a much-deserved second chance to start for a team that actually has the possibility of being a playoff contender

Second chance? Many of you will respond that he has had way more than two chances. I mean seriously, he did get playing time with four different teams, right?

I stand by what I claim. This is only the second time that Leftwich has had a chance to prove to the NFL, the fans, and the nation as a whole that he deserved to be picked in the first round back in 2003 by the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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