Week Four NFL Picks: Gambling Nerdly

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Published: September 30, 2009

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... weird energy. In my post-college slacker years, I knew some high level math people; they were even more bent then the rest of us, and some in that crowd drank blood for kicks. (On the plus side, if the girl will drink that, she'll do, um, lots more stuff. On the minus side, you're not the first to take advantage of the opportunity. Twenty years later, and I'm still with the cringing.)

Anyhoo...our monkey minds really can't work out infinity or pi. The first is impossible to contemplate, and the latter leads you chanting numbers like a mental patient. And yet we use these concepts on a daily basis and make equations work with them. There is no such thing as a perfect circle, and yet we can imagine them quite easily. It's all quite curious, and makes for a strange cross-section of people who work in the field; bloodless priests with computers and imagination who would not, on the whole, be comfortable with faith, even as they show it.

Gambling, of course, is all about the ...

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