Weakly Football Forecast, Week Three: Empty Stadiums, to Be or Not to Be?

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Published: September 25, 2009

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... "to thine own self be true" throughout the league.
Of course Chad Ochocinco would stage his Lambeau Leap by purchasing tickets for friendly Bengals fans in order to have a place to land.
Why should he do any type of end zone celebration that wasn't rehearsed, planned or staged in some way? He never has.
And Brett Favre complained about Eric Mangini and the Jets being fined by the NFL for not giving out the whole truth about his injury last year.
What else was Favre supposed to say? When has he ever been against keeping people in the dark? 
But the true Nick Bottoms in a donkey head this week were NFL officials, and in particular, senior vice president for broadcasting and media operations Howard Katz.
The NFL could have a record number of local TV blackouts this season due to the lack of sellouts resulting from the recession. Games must be sold out 72 hours in advance to get the home team on local TV.

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