Washington Redskins Rumors Abound, but Jim Zorn Is Here for the Year

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Published: September 29, 2009

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... head coaching job and out of Washington all together. With Dan Snyder as the owner, the action to relieve Zorn of his duties is not out of the question.

It is, however, a stretch of the imagination these days.

Since attempting to revive the good ol' days by bring Joe Gibbs out of retirement, Snyder has been less meddlesome in his team duties. He still reels in the big names from free agency, like Albert Haynesworth this year and all-around blunder signings of Adam Archuleta and Brandon Lloyd.

But he isn't as prone to irrational firings these days, which bodes well for Zorn and only enrages fans.

It is highly unlikely that Zorn will lose his job in the beginning or middle of the season. There is far too much left to unfold with the rest of the season, but barring some miraculous turnaround in his or Blache's playcalling, the end of the season will be the end of his head coaching days in Washington.

For years Redskins fans have been calling for Snyder ...

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