Vince Young and Matt Leinart On Vikings Radar


Published: March 20, 2009


... me lost to Kansas. If you didn't know who that team was, it was North Dakota State.

I then clicked on the "NFL" section to find signings from today. Nothing major showed up at all. I was about to exit out, and then I saw the word "Vikings" the article was by Bill Barnwell who believes that Minnesota should take a serious look at Matt leinart or Vince Young.

To no surprise, I was intrigued by what I heard. The move actually would make a lot of sense. Both players are very similar in style.

They are both 6'5" tall. They both have strong arms. The two played against each other in the 2005 National Championship game.

Also, they both are backups to veteran quarterbacks. Both could be traded for the right price.

Vince Young:

It seems that the Titans have moved on from the drama queen that is Vince Young. Kerry Collins appears to be the quarterback for the next couple of years.

His career passing ...

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