Underdog Card Always Perfect Card for Pittsburgh Steelers

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Published: March 29, 2009


... it as the Bluff Card, for whatever reason, it seems to befuddle me.


The underdog card is used so to speak, to keep the players in check and away from complacency. You want the players to enter each game as if the opponent is a better team than yours.


The bluff card is used in terms, to force other teams to think that you are depleted. When I mean depleted, I mean that your team is so called playing without key players to injury. The message the other team should register into their minds is “Oh, it looks like we have this game in the bag.”


Take the Pittsburgh Penguins for example: In the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs the Penguins used both cards to attempt to claim the cup. They went into each game of each series with the attitude that the other teams were way better, causing them to play at the highest level they could.

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