Two Reasons To Not Draft Matthew Stafford


Published: March 23, 2009


... you've probably been hearing one of two things for the past four weeks.

Option One: "Matthew Stafford's the real deal; we should pick him/trade up to get him."

Option Two: "Holy cow! We should mortgage our souls for Jay Cutler!"

While the strongest argument could be made for Cutler because he has a professional resume, Stafford has become the quarterback du jour this spring.

Everyone from Detroit to Denver has a man-crush on the former Georgia Bulldog signal caller.

But I would argue that, if I can borrow a little Axl Rose, all you need is a little patience. If you're wearing your Barry Sanders jersey right now, or if you're missing Mike Holmgren already, there are two options just 12 months away that might serve your franchise better in the long run than jumping for this year's favorite.

Option Three: "I could deal with a year of Daunte Culpepper if it means a decade of Sam Bradford."

Option Four: "I could handle trading do...

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