Travis Henry: The Most Fertile Athlete In Sports History


Published: March 13, 2009


... woman.

(Pause for laughter, and to give you time to call every girl you know and tell them to stay away from him. Let's also take a second to double delete Sean Kemp as the biggest garbage dick to every live.)
Yes, apparently his boys can swim.  In any ocean, lake, sea, or tide.  I’m just guessing he’s not a tighty-whitey guy.
ESPN is reporting that the former Broncos' running back is back at it. You gotta dig his stamina and commitment to never learn from his mistake, and never get smarter.
Wait, I think he just knocked up another woman.

Personally, E-Shore loves Travis Henry.  Sure, you can split hairs on the whole 11 from 10 argument, but you have to respect him.  Henry did what many in this world are afraid to do—go with your strengths.  

He couldn’t stay in the NFL, so he got b...

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